Chamber Choir Sonor Ensemble

Chamber Choir SonorEnsemble was founded by conductor Hanna Remes (b. 1973) in 2002, and has at the moment about 20 devoted members. The aim of the choir is a sonorous sound and vocal harmony, as well as an expressive performance. The repertoire is versatile, ranging from classical music to pop/jazz genre.

SonorEnsemble’s annual traditions include the Christmas concert in the St. Paul’s church and the Summer Concert in the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum in Helsinki. The choir also performs abroad and has participated in international choir competitions e.g. in Malaga and Corfu.

Additionally, the choir is involved in Hanna Remes’ artistically oriented doctorate in the DocMus programme at the University of the Arts Helsinki. SonorEnsemble has participated in the premiers of two Easter passions: Samaan aikaan toisaalla (Meanwhile elsewhere – Passion drama for two choirs) and Messu pääsiäisyönä (Cantata Mass for Easter Night), both composed for the thesis project. In 2021, the choir will perform in the dissertation event and particitipate in Tampereen Sävel choral contest.  

Although the ambitions are high, the members also want to relax, enjoy music and travel together. After the corona pandemic has been tackled, SonorEnsemble wishes to travel to Provence and give two concerts in local churches.

Conductor Hanna Remes

Hanna Remes (b. 1973) graduated from University of the Arts Helsinki Sibelius Academy with a Master of Arts (MA, music) degree in choral conducting and vocal studies at the department of Church Music in 2001. In 2004, she completed her level A choir conducting examination and, in 2006 attained her second MA degree in choral conducting, this time at the Degree Programme in Conducting. Additionally, she has graduated from Conservatory of Central Finland as a music pedagogue.

Hanna Remes founded the Chamber Choir SonorEnsemble in 2002 and has been the conductor of the choir ever since. Additionally, Hanna Remes conducts mixed choirs Helsingin Laulu (since 1998), Kilven Kuoro (since 2000), and the Choir of The Assocation for Finnish Mixed Choirs (since 2019). She works as an executive secretary in the Diocese of Helsinki and studies for the artistically oriented doctorate in the DocMus programme at the University of the Arts Helsinki. Besides these activities, Hanna Remes is an artistic director of The Assocation for Finnish Mixed Choirs and a member of the artistic committee of The Finnish Amateur Musicians’ Association.